Black People Don’t Like Steampunk, Fantasy and Science Fiction!

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Black People Don’t Like Steampunk, Fantasy and Science Fiction!

BalogunAt this year’s Dragon*Con, an author and Steampunk scholar I know posed the question: “How come black people don’t like the fantasy / sci fi genre? I mean, there are no sci fi / fantasy films directed, produced, or starring African Americans, so why aren’t they getting behind you and supporting Rite of Passage, a film written by, directed by, produced by and starring Black people?”

First, let me say that while a few people from all ethnic backgrounds have supported the making of Rite of Passagewith in-kind donations or donations, the majority of that few has been of African descent. As far as why more Black people have not supported us, or why the majority of us don’t support independent, Black-created science fiction and fantasy films in general – because we do, indeed, support big-budget Hollywood science fiction films…

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She Calls Herself A Black Feminist! Wait, What?

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Massive FActs

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Today I want to talk about Black Feminism and the Black Feminist movement. What made me want to discuss this topic was a recent conversation I was having with a few women that kept going on and on about being Black Feminist. I was shocked when I heard this because I thought this was something that died down a long time ago. I didn’t know there were still women holding on to that ideology. What surprised me even more, were the men co-signing this stuff. C’MON men, start VALUING yourself . Stop brown-nosing with women. You don’t have to do that. Put your capes back down and get the S off ya chest. Ok, back to the feminist. The problem I have with black feminist is that they’re on the “Black men ain’t shit” rhetoric that I just can’t co sign. See a lot of these Black feminist ideologies go uncheck. I’m already hip…

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